Danger Often Lied To Health

Often Lying Turns Out Could Be A Disease

By Amir Machmud Blog

Almost everyone has said a lie or lied to. But if the habit of lying is difficult is stopped, or are already a part of someone's personality traits, then often lie is one of the characteristics of psychological disorders.

There are a variety of reasons a person is lying, ranging from avoid feeling bad, feel more appreciated, and make others feel amazed. There is also a kind of hoax that is often referred to as a lie to goodness (white lies). In General, all kinds of lies have consequences that are not good.

Often Turns Out To Be A Hoax Could Be Disease

Medically, there are some things that are thought to play a role in causing why someone becomes often lie, such as abnormalities in the brain due to physical injury or congenital abnormalities born. Psychologically, often lying can be one of the markers of the existence of mental disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and personality disorder.

Signs of a Person Lying

The experts believe, someone who lied can be recognized through the expressions on the faces of the unconscious. The expression is driven by muscles that are located around the eyebrows, forehead, and lips. When the lie is both something emotional, then the signs would be the more obvious.

Studies conducted then compares the expression on the face between the person who lied and said honestly.

When honest, then more contraction of the muscles around the eyes and mouth. Meanwhile, a liar looking more experienced muscle contractions around the forehead and cheeks. Forehead furrowed it seems clear that when someone speaks, is one sign of their honesty into question.

However, there are some innocent-looking face. This face could only outwit others who always say honestly, although it is actually not so.

The faces of innocent is generally seen symmetrically between the right and left sides, looks attractive with large eyes, has a smooth skin and wide forehead that corresponds with the shape of her chin, or often categorized has the face of a baby or a baby face.

Because of the difficulty of knowing whether someone is honest or lie, now there is some sort of psychological examination (psychological test) that can be used as a determinant of whether someone has a tendency to lie or be honest.

Often Lying Can Interfere With The Health

It turns out that lying is not just having a social impact, but also affect health conditions. Researchers connect, the habit of lying can increase risk of anxiety disorders, depression, gambling addiction, as well as the risk of cancer and obesity. In addition, the lie can also lower the quality of interpersonal relationships and job satisfaction.

How does it happen? This is due to the increasing stress on someone when lying. There are emotional and physical burdens perceived a liar. Moreover, lie often must be followed with the next lie.

A study of other corroborating it. It is said that someone tried to say honestly, have a better relationship and little experiencing health problems. Apparently, the improvement in relations can improve health conditions.

Be careful also lie if you have children, for a researcher believes, children learn it from their parents. When children hear parents lie, then he would think it was allowed. Beware if lying became a habit that is dangerous.

Honesty is not always fun, but say or hear the lie even more painful. Say it in fact while seeking a way out. As far as possible avoid said lying to health conditions and social relations are better.

If you or someone you know has a tendency to lie and it is difficult to be stopped, then it is advisable to see a psychiatrist or psychologist to explore further what is the reason for his habit. Likely this is one sign of the existence of a mental disorder.

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