Male Reproductive Health

How To Keep Male Reproductive Health

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It is important for men to keep the health of the reproductive organs. The reason, reproductive health is maintained well contribute also on the easing program you and your partner pregnant.

There are many factors that can affect the fertility of men, ranging from an unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors, and certain medical conditions. You can reduce your risk of experiencing fertility disorder by maintaining the health of the reproductive organs.

How To Keep Men's Reproductive Health

Some Way Of Keeping Men's Reproductive Health
These are things that can be done to keep men, reproductive health includes:

Stop smoking and Consuming alcoholic beverages

The man who was fond of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, risky has decreased production and sperm quality. As a result, fertility rates will also decrease, so you get a difficult descent.

Maintain Weight

Men's fertility can also be reduced if you have weight problems, be it obesity or otherwise, has a weight too low. This is because the less good nutritional status can influence sperm quality, thereby reducing fertility rates. To find out if your weight is normal, you can count them with the body mass index calculator.

Keep The Testes Remain In A State Of Mild

Sperm count can be determined by the temperature of the testes. To enlarge the opportunity gets testicular descent, should be in a temperature of about 34.5 degrees Celsius or lower than other parts of the body, which is around 37 degrees Celsius. There are several ways that can be done to lower the temperature of the testes.

Limit a bath of warm water.

If the job requires you to sit still for hours, take a pause for a moment to stand up and walk into another place.
When you work in an area that incorporates a heat, take some time to be somewhere cool.
Wear panties which is comfortable and not too tight.
If the testicles are at an optimum temperature, i.e. temperature balmy, sperm production will also take place properly.

Avoid Exposure To Toxins

Avoid yourself from exposure to harmful toxins, such as pesticides, heavy metals, including lead and mercury, as well as radioactive substances. Exposure to these substances reduces the level of risk your fertility.

The Consumption Of Healthy Eating

Sperm quality can be obtained by eating a healthy diet and exercise regularly. But avoid excessive sport because it could trigger the body secretes too many steroids, thus affecting fertility. In addition, make sure you get enough nutrients by eating at least five servings of vegetables and fruit per day, carbs, protein, and low- fat meat.

Do Have Sex Regularly

A healthy penis is experiencing an erection on a regular basis. When erect, the penis meets oxygen in the blood and make it edgy. Have sex regularly especially when couples are in a fertile period is one way of gaining children.

Apply for Safe Sex Behavior

To keep Your reproductive health, avoid risky sex with behaviour-change partners, and routine health checks to detect sexually transmitted diseases.


The skin of the penis can be a place to breed bacteria. There are at least 42 types of bacteria found on the skin of the penis. To avoid the proliferation of bacteria, circumcision could be a solution, because of the folds of the foreskin on the penis uncircumcised risky a place to breed bacteria. According to some research, circumcision can provide a wide array of health benefits, including:

Types of bacteria in men who were circumcised less than uncircumcised.
Circumcision is also associated with more low-risk cancer HIV, HPV infection, penile, and urinary tract infections. Who even recommends circumcision as one of the efforts to prevent HIV.
By applying simple ways above, the reproductive health of men can be more awake and opportunities to have their offspring become larger. But if you've tried several ways above, as well as regular sex with the couple for several years, but have also got older, we recommend you consult a doctor.

So let's start from now that we seriously consider the reproductive health reproductive health because with that will surely awake is very important for the continuity of happiness and harmony in the household that we wake up.

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