Bad breath, Identify causes and Prevention

Bad breath, Identify causes and Prevention

Bad breath is caused by the habit of taking care of the teeth and mouth are less precise, coupled with 
no care for her on a regular basis. What kind of food you consume also influential, in addition to the unhealthy lifestyle that is usually without your conscious living.

All the food you consume, especially a sharp flavoured food, like garlic, was instrumental in inflicting the aroma of bad breath. Food scraps are left in the mouth contribute to give an unpleasant aroma in the mouth. If you don't brush your teeth and use is dental floss regularly, the leftovers will be left on the sidelines. This could increase the growth of bacteria on the tongue, teeth, and gums. This is what results in bad breath.

Bad breath, Identify causes and Prevention habits that trigger bad breath

There are some bad habits that make the mouth smelling unpleasant. Customs are:

1. Lack of oral hygiene

As presented above, oral hygiene that is less awake is very easy to make the foul smelling mouth. When the condition of the mouth is littered by remnants of food, will form a transparent layer which is called plaque which is where bacteria thrive. To prevent this, teeth regularly after meals. Also, brush your tongue to control bad breath. Use dental floss to clean the leftovers on the sidelines gears that are not reached by toothbrushes as part of the efforts of maintaining oral health.

Also, check with your teeth regularly to dentists to minimize the risk of the disease attacks the mouth. The doctor will probably recommend gargling with mouthwash is a powerful kill bacteria due to the buildup of plaque.

2. Smoking Habit

Smoking is another cause of the onset of bad breath. The habit of smoking is not only damaging the lungs but also creates a stain on teeth and gum irritation. Furthermore, this situation can develop into a toothache and gingivitis. The second factor is what causes the onset of bad breath.

3. Effects of undergoing diet

How to diet with reduced carbohydrates can also be the cause of bad breath. While a lack of carbohydrates, the body will naturally break down fat. Then the resulting chemicals called ketones. It is this substance that can cause bad breath.

4. Consuming food flavorful sharp

Some foods with spices scented the usual sharp leave odour in the mouth. So does the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages. To avoid bad breath, avoid consuming food and drink like this.

5 Disease

There are other causes of halitosis that made unpleasant, that health conditions in General. When was having a dry mouth which means lack of saliva, bacteria become easier to grow and eventually gave rise to bad breath.

Less healthy digestion conditions can also cause bad breath. An example is a bacterial infection in the stomach and small intestine.

Other diseases that also potentially create bad breath is diabetes, bronchitis, sinusitis, lung disease, tonsillitis and sinusitis.

6. Drugs

Drugs are you consume can also cause bad breath, such as sedatives, chemotherapy drugs, and drugs are busting chest pain due to a reduced supply of blood towards the heart.

Among the causes of the above, bad breath occur due to lack of oral hygiene. The thing is, during this time many people thought that brushing your teeth is enough to clean teeth while preventing bad breath. However, in addition to brushing your teeth, use mouthwash (mouthwash) can help you get your teeth and mouth healthy and avoid illness.

You need to use mouthwash as one of your daily routine activities in maintaining oral health. Regularly use mouthwash in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bed can prevent plaque which is caused by the presence of the remains of food and odours caused from food flavorful sharp teeth on the sidelines. You can choose to use a mouthwash containing essential oils. A study proved that mouthwash containing essential oils are more effective against germs cause plaque, hindering the development of plaque. as well as reducing gingivitis.

The Risk for experiencing bad breath will always hit, especially if you have bad habits that can interfere with the health of the mouth. As a precaution, it doesn't hurt to use mouthwash as part of the effort of maintaining oral hygiene. You are also advised to maintain the health of the mouth area and find out how to cope with bad breath.

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