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With the development of technology in all fields and gadgets around us, this makes you not easy
selecting techie gifts for children again. Most of the time you might end up getting a cool tech gadgets that are useful, item cliches like game PS4 or something that's not aged appropriate and may need adult supervision.
We have succeeded in collecting a list of some of the cool tech gadgets with the best technology available for children of all ages. Note that the items below are based on availability and prices online, as they may vary from one country to another.

Cool Tech Gadgets Your Kids Should Play

The wide range of products that are on this list has explicit benefits of education. As for the others just a mixture of the world and also in the real world together. The idea is to have a gadget that will involve children, and give them something techy to achieve success in learning is not the iPhone.


If you want cool tech gadgets like robots, then the Cozmo is a must have. The shape is very cute and the smartest bot ever. He's got the personality and humour, he's fun, emotional and fun to have. Cozmo is suitable for all ages and has facial recognition and will detect your face as well as recognize the cat and dog.
Cozmo's design, sound effects and also of his movement will remind you of the Disney animated film Wall-E. This could make the lifestyle the children not only fixated on the iPhone only. But with gadgets like these kids can also learn positive.

Osmo genius Kit

A slight sense of doubt may briefly appear in your mind about something called "genius kit ". But one of these products by Osmo teaches important skills children and about the creativity that can be obtained through fun exercises. Osmo itself is a small reflector which you like put a facing the front of the camera to the iPad.
The camera is inside the tool is now pointing down and can detect your child interact with a variety of accessories Osmo. For example, can be exemplified as beams that go along with a variety of activities and games that took place Osmo in the application. Activities and games intended to reinforce your child's math skills United Kingdom IPA, languages, and reviewers on Amazon are very satisfied with the results. The setup process seems simple, and there is enough activity that is included in the starter pack to keep the kids occupied for a long time.

Kano Computer Kit

As we know it turns out a computer that anyone can make. With simple steps and storybooks, you can build your own computer and bring it to life. For ages 6 +, in this case, no technical skills required.
Projects with cool tech gadgets for kids are fun and challenge, you will learn the art of code, games, music, applications, and much more.
The package includes everything you need. Raspberry Pi 3, the wireless keyboard, coding challenges, stickers, wired memory, HDMI, speakers, cases, and power, and many applications. It can be connected to any HDMI screen.

LittleBits Electronics Synth Kit

After spending a lot of time around a little cousin, I have found the best way to get kids to do something, show them you will get something cool at the end of it. That's why the LittleBits electronic Synth Kit is on this list.
A small piece has a bunch of different sets that have modular parts children can come together to make something. I have chosen this one because I love the music, and how cool is that you can create your own synthesizer?
Step by step instructions will help guide You along, and instead of attaching a piece of kit using a soldering iron, they are assembled using a magnet. Reviewers on Amazon have confirmed that these kits work, though some complain that the sound is not good, while others are amazed at the modularity of the kit. There's no one "right way" "to put the kit together, so you can mix a little sequence to achieve different results. Putting together this kit does not guarantee your child will eventually learn how to play The Doors compilation, but they may appreciate them more.

Veho Digital Microscope

One of the cool tech gadgets for Kids who can support the learning process so that it can implement a disciplined lifestyle and love to learn is this microscope. VMS-004D-400 x is a USB digital microscope that allows you to see things enlarged 400 x magnification, 2 Megapixels and the ability to take photos and videos of the subject. This is a cool gadget and education that sparked curiosity and encourage children of all ages to discover the nature and the environment around them.
Now is the time for you all give cool tech gadgets for your child to play while learning with a variety of technology-based educational game is pre-eminent.

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